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Kemps Stonecrest

The Kemp's at Stonecrest is a healthy sustainable mixed-use development with the focus of community development by promoting Luxury, Earth, and Healthiness. Starting a unique brand of energy that utilizes combines the use of moving water and turbines to generate electricity to create self-sustaining energy grids to power the new development.


Lux Appliances

Luxury Appliances such as General Electric Monogram, Kitchen Aid, Thermador, Signature Kitchen Suite, Blue Star and more...


Awesome Decoration

Our exclusive luxury interior designers will decorate all common areas such as lobbies, hallways, corridors, rooftops, stairways, elevators, and more...


Pure Water Supply

Our focus is to promote a healthy and green environment. We continue this mission by using purification water systems to provide refreshing water. We also will include fruit infused water in our lobby for you and your guest.


Parking Place

Our parking garage will be uniquely hidden underground with a green landscaping cover to reflect an esthetically pleasing environment.


Swimming Pool

Our resort-style swimming pool is the perfect place to relax and unwind after a long workday or on the weekends to entertain with friends and family.


Outdoor Space

Our goal is to be the Best in Class by setting the standard in a healthy sustainable living environment. Our spacious office park is located on eight palatial acres with an award-winning architectural design, landscaping, and green energy turbines that produce self-sustaining energy.


Uninterrupted electricity

We have powerful generators to serve as backups to power outages. Our goal is to offer the highest customer service standards even when the lights go dim without your consent.



Elevators are essential to make your trips up to the fifth floor to the rooftop pool and vineyard. Join us on the ride to health, prosperity, and success at The Kemps at Stonecrest.

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