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The Kemps at Stonecrest is a healthy sustainable development to communities. Community, Earth, Healthiness. Multifamily. Starting a unique brand with turbine energy with a $19 million real estate development.



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Quality and Comfort

The goal with this project is to produce a product that will not only benefit the
end user of the product but would also generate real benefits for the surrounding
community and city in its entirety Approaching this project from that perspective
required us to take a more modern and unique approach to the entire
development process. So, over the last two years Advanced Business Solutions
has been securing strategic partnerships and alliances that would help us achieve
our goals for the project and the city.

Environmental Benefits

  • Land use synergy
  • Access to fresh healthy foods
  • Life-cycle housing
  • Sustainable renewable energy
  • Green living
  • Walkable/bikeable neighborhoods
  • Improve air and water quality
  • Conserve and restore natural resources
  • Enhance and protect bio-diversity and ecosystem
  • Zero waste
  • Zero carbon emissions
  • Wellness and feng shui

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Social Benefits

  • Sustainable regeneration
  • Better services
  • Higher quality amenity space
  • Less crime and anti-social behavior
  • Better local facilities
  • Greater interaction/integration between groups
  • Greater employment chances
  • Exclusive

Economic Benefits

  • Increased tax revenue for surrounding businesses
  • Increase in tax revenue for the city
  • Less stress on community resources
  • Communal entrepreneurial opportunities
  • Energy efficiency credits
  • Tax benefits
  • International recognition for Stonecrest
  • Consumer spending
  • Quality of life
For so many years we have pondered about what to do at the corner of Browns Mill Road and Panola Road. This time I think we have found one of the best solutions to compliment Arabia Mountain Park trails and the South River. Otherwise, this area runs the risk of becoming a commercial eye sore that does not add much value to the community. I look forward to this beautiful development.

Aaron Johnson

Resident of the City
I live in City of Atlanta. Although it offers convenience by drastically reducing my work commute. I want to move to the suburbs with my son and since my wife and I have added a second child with daycare expenses. We are certainly going to make a change to reduce cost and begin prospecting for a city or community that will meet our needs.

Jonathan Riveria

IT Manager
I watched the presentation of the Kemps at Stonecrest and I must say that I was impressed with their knowledge. Even more impressive is that this project presents a one of a kind urban real estate development project that attracts upscale professionals who prefer organic luxury living with access to walking trails, rivers, parks, and restaurants within walking distance.

Al Franklin

Digital Marketing Agency Owner
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